Coffee menu


Our Gusto Pronto blend coffee is hand roasted by
Frank and Earnest in Bury St Edmunds.
caffé americano£2.20
caffé latte £2.40
extra shot of espresso in any coffee£0.60

hot chocolate

70% cocoa chocolate£2.40

loose leaf tea

english breakfast, rooibos (red bush), earl grey, green, camomile, peppermint£2.20

nitro-coldbrew coffee

We are now serving nitro-coldbrew coffee supplied by local craft roastery Frank and Earnest and believe we are the first pub in the UK to offer nitro-coldbrew.

Our single origin nitro-coldbrew coffee is produced from freshly roasted speciality coffee, steeped in filtered water for 18-20 hours. Heat is replaced with time resulting in lower acidity and a cleaner, sweeter finish. A double filtration process is used to create a perfectly clean and crisp brew. Nitrogen is then added to create a smooth mouthfeel and a creamy stout like head.